Tyrion Lannister’s Trial in Memes

tyrion demands trial by kombat

Tyrion Lannister’s trial is talk of the town as the fourth season of Game of Thrones unfolds. How awesome is Peter Dinklage, right? As our tribute to Peter Dinklage’s Emmy-winning performance, let’s recap Tyrion’s trial using some fan-made Game of Thrones memes.

Warning! Spoilers ahead. If you haven’t caught up on the show, you may want to stop reading here.

It all started when King Joffrey Baratheon was poisoned to death. Fans thought, “Better call Saul, Tyrion”.

tyrion better call saul

Pod visits Tyrion in prison. He was sent away for his own protection but not without some very sincere words that left some fans in tears.

there has never lived a more loyal squire than pod

Grand Maester Pycelle testifies against Tyrion. Many thought he was high on drugs this time.

joffrey most noble child gods placed on earth

Trial goes on with Tyrion seemingly still in control of himself. Then Shae, the lover he sent away to be protected from his family, shows up…

tyrion lannister says ive got 99 problems but shit ive got 100 problems

In just one of the countless heart-breaking moments of the show (fans lost count), Shae testifies against him.

these hoes aint loyal

Using The Hound’s words…

lots of cunts hate tyrion lannister

Fans who remember Peter Dinklage from Narnia thought…

tyrion is going back to narnia

Then follows one of the most glorious moments on modern television, Peter Dinklage delivers.

tyrion would kill you all if he could

Tyrion says: (read in Peter Dinklage’s voice) I demand trial by combat!

i demand trial by combat tyrion lannister

Fans conclude Peter Dinklage just got his second Emmy.

the moment when you realize peter dinklage is going to win another emmy

Some even threatened…

if peter dinklage does not win an emmy i will demand a trial by combat

Struggling to find his champion, our guy received an unexpected visitor. Prince Oberyn Martell says:

tyrion not monster just a baby

Before leaving, Prince Oberyn a.k.a. The Red Viper says every fan was begging he would say:

oberyn martell says i can be your hero baby tyrion lannister face in pain

Trial continues on the upcoming episode(s), so watch out for more memes.

What have we missed? Please let us know on the comments.

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