If Game of Thrones Characters Were Pokémon

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and a Pokémon Go player, you would have found out by now that it’s actually fun naming your Pokémon after Got characters because of their blatant similarities. Being fans of both GoT and Pokémon Go ourselves, we tried to list all GoT characters who have similarities with those found in Pokémon Go, may it be in appearance or behavior. Here’s our list:

Game of Thrones Characters As Pokemon

  • The Mountain = Machamp. Brute force!
  • Jorah = Geodude. Because, you know, Jorah’s rock hard in love with Khalessi.
  • Oberyn Martell = Arbok. Fierce fighters who are both vengeful and love using poison in fights.
  • Daenerys = Dragonair. Sexy, beautiful, mystical, and has so much potential.
  • Rhaegar = Charmeleon. Very fierce fighters with burning desire for victory.
  • Melisandre = Jynx. Both wear long red dresses and have unusual ways of handling their enemies.
  • Bran = Magikarp. Both pretty much useless. If they’re on your team? You’re screwed.
  • Tyrion = Pikachu. Both smart, tiny but powerful, kindhearted, and stubbornly resilient.
  • Hodor + Bran = Kangaskhan. Hold the Door! 😥
  • Melisandre’s Baby = Gastly. Gastly is said to be 95% poisonous gas that can be found in caves. Sounds like that fart devil the killed Renly, right?


👆Just Here for the Pokemon…

  • Petyr Baelish = Meowth. Both cunning and vicious. Littlefinger loves power. Meowth loves gold.
  • Ser Pounce = Persian. Poor Ser Pounce! 🙁
  • Tommen = Ditto. Flat out similar, right?
  • Granny Melisandre = Muk. The horror!
  • Margaery = Flareon. Flare on? 😈
  • Arya = Eevee. Aside from the obvious similarities in appearance, both can easily adopt to different kinds of environment. Also, we couldn’t find a Pokémon that bakes pies.
  • Tywin = Gyarados. Both are feared and vicious but their heirs? Not so much.
  • Varys = Hypno. Cunning and masters of deceit.
  • Robin Arryn = Weepinbell. Not sure about this but Weepinbell kinda reminds us of Robin and his mom Lysa.  😉


👆 Gym Life

  • The Hound = Arcanine. Give that Pokémon some chicken!
  • Joffrey = Gengar. Devilish smile. A nightmare for everyone!
  • Sam = Drowzee. Both looks round and cute.
  • Robb = Growlithe. Young wolf. Fearless defender of family and territory.
  • Sansa = Goldeen. Graceful and beautiful but silently dangerous.
  • Hodor = Snorlax. Huge, docile, and children love playing around them.
  • Cersei = Mewtwo. Compassionate hearts are for suckers! 😈
  • The Unsullied = Exeggcute. Ex Egg Cut? 😀
  • Rickon = Slowpoke. We couldn’t find Straightpoke so Slowpoke it is.
  • Ellaria Sand = Sandslash. Highly skilled and dangerous fighters who live in deserts.
  • Jon Snow = Psyduck. Can be extremely powerful when needed most. Both know nothing!

So what have we missed? Let us know on the comments.


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