20 The Hound and Chicken Memes

hound fried chicken one half original one half extra crispy

The Hound may very well be the best thing that ever happened to any Stark since they left Winterfell. Sandor Clegane and Arya had chicken. He gave Arya a pony. They even enjoyed a sweet killing spree while strolling the countryside.

As our tribute to the man Game of Thrones fans have so much mixed emotions for, we compiled 20 memes about the love story between Sandor and his chickens.

the hound and the chicken still a better love story than twilight
Still better love story than Twilight.
chicken occupies the iron throne
Hail the new King of Westeros!
the hound wants chicken not rabbit stew
Always give Sandor what he wants… 
the hound threatens royal soldier over chicken
I understand that if any more words come pouring out of your c*nt mouth, I’m gonna have to eat every f*cking chicken in this room. – Sandor Clegane
the hound takes chicken wife
The Hound takes a chicken bride.
the hound plus 5 attack when chickens are involved
The Hound: +5 attack when chickens are involved
the hound playing chicken game
Floppy Chicken?
the hound orders all the chicken in kfc
Sandor raids an entire KFC restaurant.
the hound carrying a bucket of kfc
Our man eating a bucketful.
the hound baby sits game of thrones kids
Real reason why he’s hungry all the time.
the hound and arya visit gus fring
Gus Fring gets unexpected customers.
scumbag sandor doesnt have any money eats every chicken at the inn
Scumbag Sandor
revenge tastes like chicken
What revenge really tastes like.
los pollos hermanos the hound and arya
Los Pollos Hermanos under new management.
house clegane disregard monarchy acquire chickens
House Clegane Sigil
disregard monarchy acquire chickens
Disregard monarchy, acquire poultry.
Rocky from Chicken Run running away from Sandor
Run Rocky Run
arya says fuck the chickens
Never disgrace the chicken in front of Sandor.
im here to kills cunts and eat chicken now im all out of chicken
The Hound is all out of chicken.
hound fried chicken one half original one half extra crispy
Hound Fried Chicken 1/2 Original 1/2 Extra Crispy

 We’re quite sure this is not a complete list. Please comment on the memes that we might have missed.

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