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Kit Harington’s Never-Before-Seen Game of Thrones Audition Tapes

Kit Harington Game of Thrones Audition

As it turns out, Kit Harington did not only audition for¬†his character Jon Snow, he also tried for some of the other Game of Thrones parts. Watch Kit’s hilarious appearance of Jimmy¬†Kimmel Live! to promote GoT’s Seventh season premiere this coming Sunday.   Kit definitely nailed them all, but which ones are your favorite? Comment […]

If Game of Thrones Characters Were Pokémon

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and¬†a Pok√©mon Go player, you¬†would have found out by now that it’s¬†actually fun naming your Pok√©mon after Got characters because of their blatant¬†similarities. Being fans of both GoT and Pok√©mon Go ourselves, we tried to list all GoT characters who have similarities with¬†those found¬†in Pok√©mon Go,¬†may it be¬†in […]

18 Memes Showing How Glenn Would Survive the Dumpster Incident

The Walking Dead fans are crazed over the possible death of original cast and fan-favorite Glenn Rhee. So what did these raging¬†fans do aside from threatening to start a riot? They¬†created memes on how Glenn would survive the dumpster incident. SPOILER ALERT! Some of these memes may turn out to be true. Continue reading at […]