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So you want to be a LeRage Shirts Artist… Nice!

After you fill up this form we will get in contact with you directly and explain all the details, but just so you get an idea of how it works here are some basic details:

1- When you become an artist you will be able to submit your designs to us.

2- We will then decide which designs we put on the store and let you know so you can send us the art in vector format or high quality PNG.

3- For every shirt sold with your design you will get a 10% Royalty (That is about $2 for every shirt sold at normal price). Payments are sent at the beginning of the following month.

4- You will get access to a special area where you can see your balance and how much money your are making.

Sounds good? Then fill up this form and let’s get started! No Fields Found.

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